Chaos in Alf

Session Four

After falling unconscious from the poisoned food and drink the party awaken in a cell, with Caleb being kept in a separate cell. Through smashing his shackles, Wes was able to get free and kill one of the guards. Moving through the building the party found another guard and killed him, alongside the other guard he had killed over a dispute previously.

The party found notes detailing Caleb’s looks and the person who gave the description, as well as a bounty list, among them being a bounty of people buying illegal weapons and anything to do with Gun’s for 9000g.

Returning to town the party rested and decided to investigate the blacksmith that Caleb bought the ammo off, disguising himself as a merchant, Caleb found out both the blacksmiths know how to fight.

Party Exp for Session: 450

Session Three

The party continued their journey towards Kohlinge and arrived without much fault, though they had to talk their way into the city with their 2 Elf-Kin members.

Upon entering they went about selling and stocking up for future adventures as well as seeing the City. They retired to the Inn they had paid for and started to eat and drink the night away, which was sourly interrupted as they decided to approach some newcomers to the Inn.

After a gruff conversation the party continued to drink and talk, leading to them all falling unconscious on the floor.

Session Two

The players continued their invesigation of the destroyed hut and found the dead bodies of the inhabitants, inlcuding the mutilated Elf Cheiftan Filverel.

The party continued their rest and met up with the tracker of the village Sarya who started to lead them and their new carriage on the road to the east to follow the Human Captive that had fled.

Along the road they passed several other caravans of people, hunted for food to survive and fended off against a duo of wolves. Finding a better solution to their problems they decided to put down some rotten meat to lure out a Bear to harvest more meat, in felling him they reaped several pounds of flesh and fur. They rested on their 3rd day of non-stop movement to give the horses rest.

+500xp from the session

Session One

The game beings:

The party arrives in the town of Rindell, a village led by an Elf by the name of Filverel. Filverel

They were given the task of finding out why the local wildlife has been wilder of late. Heading into the nearby forests the party met some hunters and were pointed in the right direction, Wes talked to a bird in the sky and was granted a guide to the area they needed to get to.

The Party was attacked by a group of Boars with strange symbols on their bodies and with Lymafinkle’s abilities they found out the direction they came from. Finding the origin, a cave, the party delved in to fight the breeder of the pack and felled the large Boar.

Deeper in the cave, the party found and subdued, as well as bludgeoned, a Human at the far end who said that he was given orders several years ago to tamper with the boars.

The party took the Human back to town and handed over several parchments and evidence that incriminated the Human. The party received a prize for their efforts and slept at a nearby house. Luke’s rest was disturbed however and he woke the party to a nearby explosion and led them to the Chief’s now exploded Tent.

Character Creation
Rules for making your characters

Races/Classes – Most allowed besides Artificers/Totemists. Summons are limited to 1 besides Pet/Companion. No Homebrew.

Start at level 1, One flaw allowed.
First Level is max hp from hit dice.
No LA allowed.

Abilities start at 8 and you have 32 points to distribute. Racial bonus applies after.

Vote amongst yourselves for which campaign you want.


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