Chaos in Alf

Session One

The game beings:

The party arrives in the town of Rindell, a village led by an Elf by the name of Filverel. Filverel

They were given the task of finding out why the local wildlife has been wilder of late. Heading into the nearby forests the party met some hunters and were pointed in the right direction, Wes talked to a bird in the sky and was granted a guide to the area they needed to get to.

The Party was attacked by a group of Boars with strange symbols on their bodies and with Lymafinkle’s abilities they found out the direction they came from. Finding the origin, a cave, the party delved in to fight the breeder of the pack and felled the large Boar.

Deeper in the cave, the party found and subdued, as well as bludgeoned, a Human at the far end who said that he was given orders several years ago to tamper with the boars.

The party took the Human back to town and handed over several parchments and evidence that incriminated the Human. The party received a prize for their efforts and slept at a nearby house. Luke’s rest was disturbed however and he woke the party to a nearby explosion and led them to the Chief’s now exploded Tent.



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