Leon / Wes – Sword Sage –
Backstory: Was picked up by his master at a young age and was taught the ways of the sword and how to fight. Being Psionically focused he felt he could do the world good and left for the Land of Alf. Thinks of himself as a Hero.

Alex / Azrealla- Bard
Backstory: A follower of the Order of the Holy Snake, She gained a vision from Sasori and was told to spread peace throughout the lands and to bring the races together.

Dom / Caleb Von Lacken – Rogue
Backstory: Stole a prototype gun from the Human Capital of Stretton and is currently on the run from them. Getting shelter by the Elf-Kin he feels it in his best interests to help them.

Luke – Fighter
Backstory: None

Melissa / Lymafinkle Sparkgrinder – Beguiler –
Backstory: None



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