Ralf Berserk

Leader of Knights Lance


Ralf is a burly and tall man wearing full plate armour, that has a red hue to it from countless battles, that covers his entire body so his expression is sometimes hard to read.
He is gruff and can be quick to annoy by his subordinates, some see him as a harsh instructor and mentor whereas others know him for the great leadership skills he displays in both the training ground and the battlefield.

On first notice, Ralf will simple shrug at your petty standing in the Army.

Quest 1:
Scout out the local woods for anomalies. (Ralf describes anomalies as Elf-Kin and raging monsters if asked)

Quest 2:
Kill at least 10 Elf-Kin and bring back their ears as proof. (If asked he notes how Elf-Kin are the only ones with pointed ears)

Quest 3:
Bring a decree to the local Elf-Kin to surrender to the Kingdom and come quietly to the City gates. (He says force is allowed if the player asks if they resist)

Quest 4:
Ralf asks the player to join in a raid of the local Forest Elf-Kin settlement and offers a grand reward if they make it out alive. (Player gains a new rank in the Guard)

Quest 5:
Ralf seeing your progress says you are deemed for higher class work and harder missions and tells you to move to the Capital to continue your advancement. (He notes you still have a long way to go if asked how the player is progressing)


Red Half-Dragon – Male – 32

Ralf Berserk

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