Chaos in Alf

Session Four

After falling unconscious from the poisoned food and drink the party awaken in a cell, with Caleb being kept in a separate cell. Through smashing his shackles, Wes was able to get free and kill one of the guards. Moving through the building the party found another guard and killed him, alongside the other guard he had killed over a dispute previously.

The party found notes detailing Caleb’s looks and the person who gave the description, as well as a bounty list, among them being a bounty of people buying illegal weapons and anything to do with Gun’s for 9000g.

Returning to town the party rested and decided to investigate the blacksmith that Caleb bought the ammo off, disguising himself as a merchant, Caleb found out both the blacksmiths know how to fight.

Party Exp for Session: 450



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