Backstory of Alf

Alf is a huge world full of different cultures, sects and beings, though Humans are the most powerful and widespread of them all.

1078 Ye – Long ago, there were few races beside Human, sub-races were extremely rare and only 3 species were considered sentient; The Humans, Dragon-kin and Small-kin. As time went on the 3 species grew in number and diversity with bloodlines becoming mixed and new races emerging from the shadows of the land. As the blood thinned and alliances were formed a new bloodline emerged seemingly from nowhere, the Elf-kin.

1102 Ye – Elf-kin being widespread as they are took over a good portion of the land and the population of the world of Alf with their long lifespans and connection to the world and it’s energies. Elves became a staple in the world, from Drow to Wood Elves and their dirty Orc cousins, you couldn’t walk a step and not see one. Tensions rose between the main species and Elf-kin, with their high-brow society and connection to things others could not understand, combined with the look and attitudes of Orcs.

1118 Ye – Seeing Elf-kin as a weaker and inferior race the slave trade began and Elves were kidnapped, killed and pushed around by the other races. It took quite sometime for the Elves to collectively fight back, letting the punishment continue for almost 20 years and the first Chaos War began between Elf-Kin and the rest of the world. The battles raged on for 6 years with Elves being demolished city by city due to the 3 main races being around more and having progressed in technology and magics before the Elves.

1144 Ye – Elf-kin had been reduced in numbers so drastically they became endangered, taking up a poultry 5% of the worlds population. Either being Slaves, refugees or in hiding, all Elf-Kin did what they could to survive and it was a rare sight to see them in normal society or even having a job.

Race/Specie types

Elf-Kin: High, Dark, Aquatic, Gray, Wild and wood Elves are all viewed the same. Orc’s being of tainted Elf blood are met with sporadic response.

Small-Kin: Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling,

Dragon-Kin: Dragon/Wyverns and Half-Dragons exist and are more passive then aggressive and sleep in the same place for centuries. Human-Dragon types are normally of royalty or noble backgrounds. Lizard-Folk are also categorized with Dragon-Kin but aren’t as polite or high in society.

Backstory of Alf

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