Current State of Alf

1158 Ye – The world of Alf is prosperous and peaceful, the races are communicating well and trade between cities are mostly uninterrupted. The Elf-Kin are kept in their place and Humans are branching out their defense and offense tactics and abilities to “protect” their kingdoms. With new races being discovered every month or so and new technologies and magic being developed the world is in a golden age of opportunity.

Though not all is what it seems, the Elves turn away and hush their voices when around other races. Talk of secret squads is heard through the land and rumours of War keep the children inside at night.

You have a choice of playstyle/campaign.

In the Kingdom Guard/Government:

You have been working in the local town guard, hunters guild or mage companies for almost a year now and you are about to be put to the test to see where best you fit in the kingdom. If you are a magic user there is talk that you may be awarded a place in the Magic Bombardment squad. If you’re a fighter the Knight’s Lance are looking for new blood and this is the best way to show off your stuff. If you are more of the ranged or stealthy type there are a plethora of squads around to join.


Either being a Elf or Elf-kin supporter you have had enough with the Human Supremacy and enslavement of your race and/or friends. Band together and whittle away at their defenses and prepare for the Second Chaos War. You will travel the land searching for vigilante groups, forest dwellers and more to build an Army of your own.
Or you can try a more sociable and diplomatic approach and show the world just how useful Elf-Kin can be and how they should be considered a Valued Species of Society.

Adventurers from far off lands:

What is Alf? Why is it considered to be a great part of the world? Can I find teleporting-Exploding-Cats here?
All questions you have as you enter into the new world of Alf, having travelled from far off lands in search of adventure, fame and money. The world is your oyster as you step off onto the dock and prepare yourself to make this land your own.

Current State of Alf

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