Travel in Alf

With the renaissance era just around the corner, Alf has had many new machinations added to it’s repertoire, most of the latest technology residing in Human and Dragon-Kin lands. With guns making a bigger appearance and impact on Human lands there has been a huge change in safety for the residents.

While Humans advance in the ways of war the Dragons are advancing in a more civilised manner, with machines to help everyday life, one of those adventures into machinery is to help travel. The most widely used, by government officials and rich civilians, is the steam train system that was made a few years ago, slowly opening up to the public as the years pass.

The steam trains resemble those of some of the first ones seen in the real world, with both their designs and speed.

While a Horse and carriage can travel around 38 miles per day the steam trains can cover around 700 miles per day, reaching 29 mph.

Travel in Alf

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